Next Door Poetry

GRJS Bulungan

Jakarta Selatan

24-25 February 2018

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Newton Capital had fallen. Say hello to its power-tipping aftermath.

The recent massive attack against this d'Auttrovan city wouldn't just mend itself.

The neighbouring theocracy, Kingdom of Wizamburg, was scapegoated as terrorists.

Civil turmoil spread like wildfire among the nations, and their hatred and prejudice against each other had lost restraint.

The d'Auttrovan consulate was relocated to Auroley, and there Prime Consuls Nikola and Eleanor began plotting a harsh resolution. Thus King Sagasea of Wizamburg was summoned to the scented city.

In a momentous conference they all tried to thread the needle... but who knows what all these would lead to?

Well, Elika Sharazad did. She knew just what tragedy was coming, and she knew perhaps too much.

Yet as a young diviner-poet entangled in the affairs of discorded nations, what power could she wield to prevent the people's dismal fate?


Next Door Poetry - a Story for Peace, another musical play by Someday Project


Uli Sinaga as Elika Sharazard



Kind, caring, and thoughtful;

at first glance Elika is your next door college sweetheart.

What few know is that she, as a literary enthusiast, is gifted with a strong moral compass manifest in the poetry she writes.

Then the Newton Attack happened, and some divine power was to intervene in the world's affairs... through Elika.

The poems she writes thereafter are as much heavenly revelation as they are worldly poetry.



Birth name: Rene Artori
Role: King of Wizamburg
Affiliation: the Wizamish Royalty, House Artori

Status: Diplomatically pressured; determining whether d'Auttrovan military aggression to Wizamish land is preventable.
Public opinion: the Wizamish people is divided on King Sagasea's indecision.

Dimas Khairul as King Sagasea

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