Next Door Magic

Graha Bhakti Budaya

Taman Ismail Marzuki

11-12 March 2017

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Got expelled from college. Failed her magehood. Broken her dreams.

Chica Scarlettle was close to abandoning all hope... until Rector Cicero conferred her the Aural Key just before she left to her home nation. They said such a key could unleash her magical aura.

But then they said, force-unlocking one's aura would cause dubious side effects.

Yet there's no time to consider.

Arcanophobia was blazing across Chica's home nation.

Magic sympathizers were hunted by the government, and only with the key could she protect her good friends.

Chica did what she had to do.

And thus they realised, Chica's aura way outblazed the arcanophobia.

Another original musical from SEP Theatre, urban high-fantasy Next Door Magic is bringing new surprises unto the theatrical stage!


Chiquita "Chica" Scarlettle

A total failure in anything sorcerous, Chica would go to extremes to be the mage she yearned—and was needed—to be.

That, needless to say, would lead to trouble.

But then what if the trouble was Chica herself?

Pretty, sassy, wild and free... or so she wished to be.

Alchemy student Chica Scarlettle sure had high hopes,

until she got expelled from college.

Redwood Indies

Spies that worked for no one, but sided with

anyone they deemed "good" enough—which was obviously not the government.

Not invincible to the law but invisible to the eye,

the Indies made the heroes behind the scene.

Composed of thrill-seeking Nadia, dashing Farel, goodboy Henkle and frisky Cornell,

they're always ready to take on the vigilante-hero job they loved.

And when nobody needed saving, they brewed coffee: another thing they loved.

Tantra Atmaja
as Farel
Shalsabilla Viresie
as Cornell
Maulana Yusuf
as Henkle

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